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What is Can of Joe?
Can of Joe Dip Pouches were created to keep our hard working Americans working even harder! With 100mg of caffeine in every pouch (that's equivalent to 1 cup of coffee) it gives you plenty of pick me up to dominate your day! Every can provides you 15 bigger pouches for BIGGER flavor! We are 100% Tobacco and Nicotine free which also makes our dip a great alternative to smokeless tobacco products! NO PLASTIC LIDS HERE EITHER! We use our Locked and Loaded tin lid to LOCK in moisture and keep it juicy when you LOAD your lip. We also use a black tea base in our pouches rather than coffee grounds so our leaf soaks up all the goods rather than leaving it out to dry with traditional coffee grounds. This makes our coffee flavors longer lasting, moist, and a much fuller flavor profile!
Do you have to spit?
You don't have to spit! But you sure can if you want. We make Can of Joe with food grade ingredients that makes it safe to swallow. But still recommend chucking your pouch somewhere respectable when you're done.
How much Caffeine is in Can of Joe?
1500mg of caffeine in each can, which equates to 100mg of caffeine per pouch. That's equivalent to 1 cup of coffee per pouch!
How does the Caffeine get in your body?
Can of Joe works just the same as traditional dip, just with ingredients you'll feel better about. Your mouth absorbs the caffeine through the salivary glands and gives you a buzz without the bad stuff!
How does Can of Joe compare to Smokeless Tobacco?
We created Can of Joe to help you dominate your day, so we removed anything that could hold you back! In our experience with dipping you need 4 things.. It has to taste good, feel good, last a long time, and give you a significant buzz! In our case we give you that much needed energy buzz to get through the day with no side effects or crash!
Can I use Can of Joe as a Tobacco Alternative?
Of course! We are 100% Tobacco and Nicotine free, and still give you the same mouth feel, taste, and ritual you know and love.
What is Can of Joe made of?
Coming Soon...
Will Can of Joe help me focus?
Can of Joe pouches will help you focus 100%. We use natural caffeine that has a number of benefits. From blocking chemicals that make you feel tired to increasing the activity of your neurotransmitters.
How do I use Can of Joe pouches?
Easy! Grab a can, open our Locked and Loaded tin lid, grab a pouch, stick it between your cheek and gum, then all that's left is to enjoy the ride.
Is Can of Joe Gluten Free?
Does Can of Joe come in Long cut?
Right now we are only selling pouches because they are discreet and cleanly for the workplace. But if we get enough of you telling us we need to release the long cut version, we will. We never shy away from listening to our loyal customers!